About the Course

Marilyn Borglum Teaches Acrylic Painting is an online course composed of on-demand instructional video content. Its contents span from fundamental skills to advanced topics and techniques. Modules include:

  • Setting Up Your Studio
  • Preparing Your Ground
  • Color Mixing
  • Creating Depth
  • Informing the Decision-Making Process , an art theory seminar
  • Portrait with Commentary, a multi-part video that documents Marilyn's process from start to finish as she paints her most recent portrait

For more information on the class itself, read our course FAQ.


About Marilyn Borglum

Marilyn has worked as a professional artist for almost thirty years. From a family of celebrated artists, she is the great-great niece of sculptors Gutzon and Solon Borglum—the former most famously commissioned for the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Primarily a portrait artist, her paintings have been published widely and are sold in commercial galleries across the United States. Marilyn received her Master of Fine Arts in painting from Colorado State University in 1993.

For more on Marilyn's painting philosophy, read her artist statement.

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